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    Trump - misc

    And you are our love child sweety. I love you Drumbones.

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    Hyatt Place Hotel (10151 96 St.) | Hotel | Completed

    I can't find it anywhere either. Bad news if you had a reservation I guess. I wonder about the upcoming Grey Cup reservation - otherwise downtown accommodations

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    Atheism vs. Religion

    Are you serious Ken? You clearly didn't even read the document. If "emigration" is a code word for "murder" then how do you

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    Trump - misc

    kk you and EPRT in a relationship? If not maybe you should be. Two peas in a pod you boys. lol

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    Trump - misc

    Sounds like you don't even know what a communist is. You've been reading too much far-right propaganda if you believe KK or people on lean left politically

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