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    A transforming Downtown

    @kcantor -

    I won't argue at all about how the current bureaucratic quagmire that plagues us is a serious delimiter to growth. ...nor was

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    New Royal Alberta Museum | Under Construction

    Hopefully the exhibits will make up for the perceived lack of exterior pizazz. Curation and content make up a large portion of a museum's reputation.

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    Southgate Centre

    Yeah, I noticed them the other day! It's very good stuff, though the individually-wrapped baggies inside the big bags should make proper hipsters cry

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    West Edmonton Mall | Renovations

    It's a bit peculiar- made more so by the brand-new Marshalls that's less than a block away from the Mall itself! Near as I can tell, Winners and its associates

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    50 Street rail crossing

    This is a good project and I hope they can move on this quickly. I wonder though what they can do to improve traffic flow on 50th Street south of 76

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