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    Trump - misc

    And there you go running away with your tail between your legs again.

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    Trump - misc

    No one is stating that there is no need for the burden of proof . We all agree that the accused is innocent until proven guilty. That is the law. We

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    Hiring experience, stereotypes

    Why would it be ridiculous? I bet there'd be lots of women who'd like some beefcake with their dinner.

    Oh right, it's only women who we're

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    Shisha/Hookah Bars in Edmonton

    He may followed the law, but his clienteles does not according to the news, so hard decision had to be made. I honestly feel sorry for him if that was

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    Edmonton Central Park

    All those were factors for sure, but WEM was that arrow to finish it off. In all honesty, downtown wouldn't have stagnated as badly as it was without

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