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    Soldiers of Odin marching Edmonton streets

    Yeah, the UCP claim that they never did. Except for the candidate who looked them up on Wikipedia (First two paragraphs- )

    Yeah, I can see

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    Trump - misc

    Let's ask Melania about abuse of power. She said that she was the most abused woman in the world. Look no further than her bully of a husband.

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    Trump - misc

    Was it morally wrong? Yup
    Was it an abuse of power? Don't know, we ween't there but Lewinsky was willing.
    Is there any indication that Bill

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    Trump - misc

    She's not doing the party any favours..it was an abuse of power, everyone knows that, plus Jennifer Flowers and the others..slick Willy had many affairs..

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    Liberals And Trudeau - Performance Review!

    Move forward on NAFTA?lol.okay then..

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