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Trudeau forgets Alberta - the reaction is hilarious...and hypocritical

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This blog post comes from a C2E thread of a similar name.

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This thread is both sad and hilarious at the same time.

In no way shape or form do I think that the omission of Alberta from the list of provinces was an intentional conspiracy theory on behalf of the Prime Minister or anybody else in his caucus or staff. Mistakes are made in speeches all the time. It's how you handle the fallout that is crucial.

But the bigger problem here is, an allegedly, most likely involuntary omission or gaffe is turned into a lot larger issue. Partisan politics rears its ugly head. I have had a colossal laugh over some folks on this thread who are going out of their way to minimize the gaffe as a simple mistake, yet insert the words Prime Minister Harper, Prime Minister Cameron, President Bush, VP candidate Sarah Palin, or any other on the political slant that is not of their liking, and the very same people on this thread you are minimizing Prime Minister Trudeau's gaffe would be all over these people like a stain. And yes, when I juxtapose this thread with the Trump thread(s), the flip-flop on opinions is just as noticeable.

Does everybody remember Dan Quayle? For those who don't, I will say spell potato. Look it up. Google it. If the Internet existed to the level that it does the day, I'll guarantee you the thread would look exactly like this except several of you who are now easily dismissing a most likely unintentional slipup would be absolutely eviscerating Dan Quayle. Look at how often the 2nd President Bush was portrayed as a goof, a dork, an *****, and anything else that would come out of any left-leaning politician. One that comes to mind is President Bush forgetting the order of, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". In the middle of a heated speech, he slipped up. Yes, the result was hilarious, and even as President Bush was speaking it, he knew what was going on. He knew he made a mistake. Yet, I guarantee you that the vast majority of people dismissing this gaffe were absolutely pointing and laughing and calling President Bush incompetent, thin-skinned, and ridiculous.

The point here? We live in an incredibly divided political time. We waste an inordinate amount of time picking on political leaders, business leaders, celebrities, and even average citizens over gaffes. Even in Alberta, hard-core economic issues and infrastructure issues are often overlooked and fly under the radar as we spend all of our time screaming and hollering over a misplaced modifier or bad syntax. The media, forms, Facebook, Twitter, and every other form of media both traditional and modern is flooded with spam like conversations about the Kardashian groups latest thing, politicians making a loud whoop during a convention speech, you will believe the net worth of so and so, and you won't believe what this person looks like now. Our political and social discourses now about insults and belittling rather than results. The sad result, real conversations, real gaffes, real blunders then suddenly are either missed or easily excused as just another gaffe. You're seeing that more and more especially with our American cousins. They are so busy worrying about golden showers in Moscow that a lot of the real concerns are starting to slip under the radar yet again.

The other point? I mention how you handle this is crucial. There are times when an "aw shucks" is probably the best response. There are times when immediately rushing back to the stage and groveling or pandering would work. And then there are times where you make a political gaffe or a social gaffe that needs a calm and reasoned response delivered after little bit of time has passed. With this Alberta gaffe, the right response is not to suddenly shower Alberta with praise and false I love you's. It seems insincere and only fuels the cannon fodder that obviously is happening in our political discourse. A simple, humble apology would be best. Why? Because you know the history of "Western alienation" is definitely going to rear its ugly head, and the astute will do everything they can to appear humble rather than insincere.

Does this gaffe mean that myself and many others don't like Justin Trudeau now? No. This gaffe didn't sway anybody's opinion one way or another, which is another nail in the coffin of this whole thing being a silly mistake. Just like I know this blog post won't change a damn thing in the wonderful hypocritical race to see who can tease the other person's hero more over the most minor of infractions. I guess I get to continue to laugh while having to work hard in the background to see real change happen.

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