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Thread: Tamarack Subdivision - Avoid!

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    This thread made me remember my childhood. As a kid lived in an old farmhouse close to the CN tracks (intersection with road and. A small station nearby. I remember hearing the trains, and also feeling the shaking of the house, but was able to sleep nights and we did watch and hear the tv in the family room.
    Though after 2 times my dad tried repairing the chimney, it had to come down. It was crumbling apart from the vibrations. The back deck always needed repairs to make even, was lopsided all the time. LOL My parents still live on the property, but original house is gone and replaced with a newer one, further away from the tracks.
    Hmm, where I live now I can hear trains, but it is a matter of preference.

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    Thought I would post this here, but the commercial developments for Tamarack are more than underway - and with a Walmart Supercentre just opening. I am more-so addressing the foreseen failure of making the NW commercial area "Transit-Supportive" in stead of a full TOD. What this area got is a slap in the face to the community's NSP. The residential component near Tamarack Way and on Maple Road look better than most I've seen for new neighbourhoods - but still with some glaring mistakes in design - but they pulled off the same development for the commercial component; no mixed-uses.

    Slated Commercial Development:

    City of Edmonton NSP:
    Live and love... your neighbourhood.

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    Bump, so I figured I'd mention this because a few of us in the thread were cautioning people not to buy houses right next to, or near traintracks. Well, you hate to see things like this happen and people and homeowners effected but A similar freight train bordering subdivision in St. Albert had a scare and people being told they have to get out of their homes due to a train derailment and risks due to the tanker cars leaking.

    You've got a choice in the realestate market people. NEVER buy next to, or near train tracks. For this and many other reasons that have been detailed in the thread.

    its unfortunate that in Canada, where land is plentiful that Cities and towns are allowing this land to be subdivided for purchase. Train easements should be wider than they are in populated areas especially.
    "if god exists and he allowed that to happen, then its better that he doesn't exist"

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