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Thread: Hip Hop on the Avenue 5!!

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    Default Hip Hop on the Avenue 5!!

    Thats right! We are doing it for year 5! Hip Hop on the Avenue in support of 630 Ched Santas Anonymous. Free and All Ages entertainment.

    I am posting the letter for sponsorship below if anyone on here is interested in supporting the event. Also I recall last year someone offered photography services. We are definatley looking for that this year.

    If anyone can support, its much appreciated! I will turn this thread into event details when the time approaches. For now:

    To Whom It May Concern:

    As head of the 5th annual Hip Hop on the Ave charity show, I am writing to request you/your companies important participation in this year’s event at the Avenue Theatre.

    Hip Hop on the Ave is an All Ages Free show in support of 630 Ched Santas Anonymous. Our goal is to unite the Edmonton Hip Hop community under a positive cause. The event will be all ages and free admission with a new toy donation to allow accessible entertainment and instill a sense of goodwill across the entire community.

    Previous sponsorships from Butte Travel, Blue Pear Diner, Dreamwest Investments, Solidaritees Clothing and Axe Music among others have ensured this event runs year after year. It would be a pleasure to add your business to this list, or to welcome our returning sponsors.

    Hip Hop on the Avenue will be held at the Avenue Theatre (9030 118 Avenue) on December 27, 2012. The event will begin at 1pm
    and run until 7pm. The event will showcase a large variety of Hip Hop artists as well as local dance talent.

    It is our pleasure to invite your company to be a sponsor of this event for a $50.00 contribution. We are also proud to announce a

    chance to be a gold sponsor at a $150.00 contribution. As a sponsor, your company would receive the following benefits:
    • Inclusion of COMPANY name/logo on all promotional fliers with a physical distribution of 500 fliers
    • Inclusion of COMPANY name/logo on event program with possible distribution of 300 people.
    • Gold Sponsor will have inclusion of COMPANY name and logo on all promotional fliers and event programs with 3X the
      prominence (ie: 3 times as large)
    • Gold Sponsor will have inclusion of COMPANY advertisement in event program up to half a page size.
    • Partnership with charity event promoting culture and youth events
    • Ability to promote COMPANY at event with any posters or promotional items you provide
    • Ability for COMPANY representatives to attend event with hands on marketing and promotions
    • Verbal recognition throughout the night by event host of COMPANY sponsorship
    • Ability to reach a market possibility of 300 from all walks of urban society.
    • Inclusion of sponsorship on all press releases distributed to various media outlets
    • Gold Sponsor will have the option of being a spokesperson for the event to various media outlets.
    • Previous media coverage included articles in Edmonton Journal & Vue Weekly and news segments on CTV and the Global TV
      Morning Show.
    As an additional option this year for those who would like to support Hip Hop on the Avenue on a smaller scale, we are offering a $20.00 contribution option. This is a great option for smaller businesses or private individuals looking to support. Under this sponsorship you would receive:
    • Inclusion of COMPANY/PERSONAL name on event program with possible distribution of 300 people.
    As we operate in honesty and transparency, a budget sheet can be provided on request, outlying all costs of the event to show you
    how your sponsorship is being used. We would be honored to have your company support the 5th annual Hip Hop on the Ave.

    I am more than willing to discuss any and all aspects or details you may wish to clarify.

    I thank you for your time and consideration.


    Stephen Goyette
    aka Komrade of Brothers Grim

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    The date is getting closer! We're really excited for this event!
    It's all about EDMFlavor


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