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Thread: Workman Running In Ward 8?!

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    Default Workman Running In Ward 8?!

    I have no stake in the Ward 8 election as, like Ms. Workman, I do not live in Ward 8. I have no political favourites in that race; however, upon hearing that she is running for election to city counsellor I am now contemplating volunteering on the campaign of whomever is running against her. Having had the unfortunate experience of meeting Lady Dolphin at her least ladylike, social responsibility is a trait that I could never attribute to her.

    It's going to be a volatile race! I'm looking forward to watching the fireworks in safety, across the river, in Ward 7.

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    Well, she's running against Ben Henderson, who is well-loved in his ward.
    They're going to park their car over there. You're going to park your car over here. Get it?

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    Yeah, I can't conceive of an outcome that doesn't have Ben Henderson winning this seat.
    Its so beautiful. What sort of bird is that?


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