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Thread: Zipper Merging, Late Merge in construction zones

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    Just got back from a trip to Golden... Funny how many left lane warriors there are the moment you get north of Leduc. Cabs are the worst. They go from the airport exit, straight across 3-5 lanes and into the far left lane for absolutely no reason, and just refuse to move even if they are only doing 95 in the 110 zone... Which makes a dangerous situation as all the faster moving traffic then switches over to the far right lane to get around these asshats, which causes conflicts zones at the merge points between the fastest moving traffic, and those trying to merge on/off.

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    Generally speaking cabbies are the most annoying drivers in my opinion. I think it's because most of them did not learn to drive here, but in places where rules and habits are different.

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    In that case then, it's back to driving school in this environment and being properly tested in this environment - for whatever good that may do. Every day I see my share of locally 'trained' and tested clowns behind the steering wheel.
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