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Thread: Concorde may fly again

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    Default Concorde may fly again

    (CNN)The aviation world is abuzz with reports that a group of Concorde fans may have raised enough money to get the historic supersonic jet back in the skies once again.
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    Would make an awesome private jet

    One of the sad things about concorde is its actually fuel efficient at supersonic speeds (which it was designed for), but terribly inefficient non-supersonic. Becuase of sonic booms / noise regulations / restrictions, it never really reached its potential.

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    I never really liked the Concorde and was more interested in military planes. Then I saw the Concorde back in the late 80's taking off from Pearson for the Toronto Airshow. Some of the old guys hanging on the fence almost cried thinking back about the Avro Arrow that they were building back in 1959 in the plant that was at this end of the runway.

    What was interesting was the Concorde after the airshow did a airport flypast with a high angle of attack and the nose down and then did a huge circle around greater Toronto. On his return which several people were monitoring the pilot communications. He was coming in on his final approach and I pointed to the 737 coming in on the crossing runway. At about the same moment, the tower told the Concorde to abort the landing and suddenly the nose raised very quickly and he hit full afterburners. It was super impressive as he flew over our heads at 300ft. Noisy too. The pilot was hopping had and told the tower "they better get it right this time because he had no more fuel to make another pass"
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