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Thread: Enough of these 'I'm Offended, It's not Politically Correct' people already

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    apparently only the federal liberal party can do that in canada... but only when they choose to (ie. they choose to for summer student grant funding but not for indiginous and northern affairs funding).
    Should the government fund a summer jobs program that advocates withdrawing the right to vote for women & minorities? Should Ernst Zundel have gotten money to hire students to promote anti-semitism? Is there a limit on what sort of things the government should promote?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
    Holy misleading graphic and citation. Hate numbers are down since 2012 but the visual is an upwards bar with numbers that don't correspond to any linear increase, and don't correspond to an increase at all.

    That misleading Global News graphic lends evidence that some media outlets are dishonestly trying to create a "moral panic" about increasing hate crimes. Honest and open reporting about crimes (including hate crimes) is good, but this is dishonest propaganda.

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