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Thread: How many times you can use the Student Loan?

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    Default How many times you can use the Student Loan?

    I Graduate university in my home country. I took Bachelors of Science Major in Hospitality Management. I was thinking to get an Economics degree in Macewan, but in order to just to consider that I have diploma here in Canada because Canada doesnt care of my credentials back in my country Im going to pursue Hotel Management in NAIT before I take Economics in Macewan but the problem is financial. Im not really sure if the government will give you another loan if u already ask for ur previous program, whether u can only took loans once in your life. Hope u get my point.

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    Looks like there is no limit on how many times you get a loan, but on the total value of loan you can get over your lifetime:

    And another tip. While most members here happily provide advice on most questions, it is a good idea to at least first try to google it yourself. Also as repeated by posters on your previous questions, a meeting with admission staff at your target institute is the place for these sort of questions. To be successful you need to make an effort. Hope this helps and Good luck!

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    You can take a new student loan every year you are in university.

    You will have to pay it back at the end of all of your education.

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    I'm taking a diploma now to supplement my degree. Using student loans again after working for a bit (and paying off a nice chunk of debt). Watch out for a delay in your loan disbursement because the Feds and the province tend to drag their heels on reclassifying you from "in repayment" to "in study".
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