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Thread: Alberta learner income support, is it really free?

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    Default Alberta learner income support, is it really free?

    So I just have been approved for the funding and currently upgrading in MacEwan. I just want to clarify, is it really free? they have been giving me a lot of money just to study and I am some sort of a overwhelmed because, that's a lot of money. Also, I'm still a Permanent Resident.

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    It is not "free". You are paying by contributing to society and becoming a model citizen, who can get a job and pay taxes in the future.

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    The income support you receive has been provided to you from generous taxpayers. We taxpayers are hoping that you do what the ^ poster has stated. As you go through your learning journey then onto your working life the government is the middle man when it comes to all tax revenue. They collect the taxes then distribute them in the way of tax refunds, benefits, supplements and other income enhancements. Hopefully you spend this income support well so that you can pay it forward to others when the time comes.
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    Thanks for the wise words that u share, and yeah I finish My school back in my country and im pretty sure and responsible enough to do it again; now that those "Taxpayyer" is on my back. This would be easy.


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