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Thread: Login issues

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    Question Login issues

    1. I keep getting logged out when i go to another page. I have to also relogin to post.

    2. Is it just me or is others getting all their mail into spam including signup? Should try to get the forum unblacklisted could be you have thousands are not getting mails.
    Please Help! Even small donations are needed ASAP!

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    When you login in tick the box "remember me". A couple of us who post here on a regular basis were having the same problems. It worked for me when I ticked that box.
    Gone............................and very quickly forgotten may I add.

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    OMG, you'd think i knew that but ya you are right, ty!
    Please Help! Even small donations are needed ASAP!

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    my account isn't staying logged on. And password page is showing up as not secure by my browsers...


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