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Thread: COE to dither on Green bike racks.

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    Default COE to dither on Green bike racks.

    Not the color green, but environmentally sustainably produced bike racks from any firm willing to jump through all the faux eco hoops.

    I kind of knew something was up. Shortages of bike racks have been encountered in several areas. Where there used to be bike racks at the bottom of SCC now there are none. They were removed in prep for the redbull event and never returned. Apparently not green enough. Or lost somewhere in the Citys warehoused holdings.

    Similarly at the Fringe Festival (don't know if this is Old strathcona or COE providing) bike racks were extremely scarce. Even in the official lock up area there were enough racks to facilitate around 50-75 bikes. They used to have enough racks to facilitate 100's of bikes, and they used to be filled up as these ones all were. It was so full people were locking bikes up to the temp fence enclosures around the bike lock area, which I should mention was also unsupervised, i.e. zero attempt to secure it for patrons. We had to find bike racks elsewhere, finally found one by the Farmers market. It was barely usable as it had been bent and bashed in. Another bike rack nearby had been cut in pieces by some ambitious vandal. 2 other small racks had been ripped right off their mounting bolts. This being in the most visible area of the site. All this was reported to Fringe Festival info staff.

    Anyway I've been wondering why the shortage of available bike racks seemingly everywhere and as a side why the city(or old Strathcona) are increasingly going with arty single bike racks in places like Whyte Avenue where a cyclist needs to walk several blocks looking for one that is available. Consider how a driver would feel having to drive an extra mile looking for ANY parking spot. Why is this considered acceptable for cyclists to chronically encounter such shortages of bike racks in this city?

    Well now we have some indication. The COE looking for firms that can shove environmental mission statements up its ***. So that the same steel used is all environmental, rather than the other kind...maybe they can source it from Korea (sarcasm)

    No mention of the addon cost of such proposals.

    But this is your city money hard at work folks. The City dithering on environmentally sustainable bike racks while cyclists are out and about wondering what happened to bike racks in this city. The irony being is cycle trips are of course deterred due to shortages of racks, massive road and project construction, blocked trails all over the place. Inefficient or zero detours provided. The biggest irony is this is the sordid nature of cycling in this city while the COE holds court over DT cycling trails and musing over green bike rack tenders and proposals.

    What a bunch of no mind asshats running this city. The whole reason stated for this is that cycling is green, so the bike racks have to be green..thats the primary logic invoked. With no thought whatsoever that most if not all bike manufacturing is not actually anywhere close to green and that the vehicles locked to the green bike racks won't actually be green themselves.

    Anybody spot the inconsistency?
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    That's nuts.

    A bike rack is steel. It's 100% recyclable by definition, and it's durable.

    Adding additional green qualifications on top of an already green project - encumbering a green bike rack project but not a non-green parking lot - is exactly backwards. Lets artificially inflate the cost of providing bike infrastructure, which will, all else being equal, mean less of it is built. Less bike infrastructure and fewer bike racks means fewer trips by bike and presumably more by car.

    The best way to make bike related procurement green is to free it from extras and go for the lowest price. And make sure that any surplus in the bike rack or bike lane budget goes back in to more biking or walking projects.
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    Maybe I'm naive, but doesn't every respectable manufacturer already have their sustainability policy handbook ready that they send with any RFP? I can't say I've worked with any organization in the last decade that didn't.
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    Sounds like they are seeking a completely inconsequential "solution" for a "problem" that doesn't exist.

    Stop over-thinking this and put some damned bike racks around the city, please.


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