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    Can someone suggest a good place to camp in Edmonton? My kids and their cousins have been requesting us to have a camping activity since springtime but we always fail to schedule.

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    In Edmonton?

    Rainbow Valley campground on Whitemud creek is very nice, near a lot of great trails, and is an outdoor escape without leaving the city.

    Presuming you mean around town other good camping experiences are found at Elk Island National park and Miquelon and Wabamum Provincial parks. I'm also partial to Battle River Provincial park but they have no flush toilets there.

    Let us know how far you can travel and many other options become available. Of course the best being camping in the Mountain parks or even along the Forestry trunk road, William Switzer provincial park, or Cadomin or places like that.

    Edmonton offers easily 100 fantastic camping experiences within weekend trip range. Really a campers paradise. With a lot of it largely unknown and not overly used.

    Travel Alberta publishes an annual "Alberta Campground guide" I find this to be helpful as it details all of private, public, provincial, municipal, National park campgrounds. No other source combines all those so thoroughly. You could pick one up at any AMA, tourism booth, Legislature.
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    I have camped a couple of times at Strathcona Wilderness Centre, a peaceful site with a nice trail network:

    (both times we camped at Campsite #2 - for about 6 of us it worked out at approx $6 each!)

    Replacement - when you mention Battle River PP, did you mean Big Knife PP? (I think you have posted re Big Knife before?). Big Knife is a lovely area, although when I did a day trip there over the September long weekend, the campsite was very busy and everyone seemed on top of one another. At a quieter time though it would be a good spot. (the walking trails in the area are nice).

    Quite a bit further afield (but well worth the trip in my opinion), I was impressed with the campsites at Dinosaur PP and Writing on Stone PP - but a lot of driving to get there!

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    Yep. Big Knife PP, on Battle river. I should have been more clear in the post. Yes, I posted on it before. As far as the camping there is individual camp stalls and also kind of large overflow areas where you just pull into a field. From your description it sounds like its getting some more love. But could be as well due to this year being free NP pass year and all the Mountain sites full. So campers looking more for alternatives. The trails are real nice and quite a variety of microhabitats in and around there. From desert badlands to forest etc. All the tiny Cacti are cute as well. I like the area because its pretty much the closest the badlands gets to Edmonton and easy location to get to.
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    Devon lions campground is pretty good too.
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