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Thread: Falcon Towers | 175 m and 145 m | Proposed

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    And the towers in the ice district required a half a billion dollars from the city to move forward, putting a fairly large thumb on the scale.

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    Is it " low standard" or "low creattide output?" As there are two different meanings here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jason403 View Post
    But Ice District doesn't actually prove any economic development occurred unless that square footage wouldn't have happened in other delayed or cancelled projects. Not to say it was a bad development, but Stantec was getting a new office space, city of Edmonton was getting a new office space, downtown was getting a new hotel. Whether the luxury condos at Marriott crowded out Jasper House development, or Sky Condos now are delaying projects such as Westrich in Grandin could be up for debate.

    There are no lack of developers in Edmonton, so this construction activity likely didn't spur any activity that wouldn't have already happened in another form.

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