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Thread: Hockey Alberta - control / suspensions

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    Default Hockey Alberta - control / suspensions

    Though I don’t follow hockey, I thought this was interesting when I heard about it on the radio - see link below.

    First, it did seem to me to be heavy handed when I thought that I’d heard of lesser past suspensions for violent activity. Anyway I could be wrong there.

    The interesting thing to me is the control issue over a 10 year old.

    10-year-old's suspension by Hockey Alberta being called 'heavy-handed' - Edmonton - CBC News

    “Playing in both leagues is a no-no according to Hockey Alberta rules, and now Kohler has been suspended from the league indefinitely.

    "We're upset because of the regulation itself that Hockey Canada has the power to tell my son that he can't play anything else but minor hockey," said Ryan Kohler. ...”

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    Seems odd, there is obviously a lot of hockey crazy parents in Canada that will put their kid in as many programs, leagues, camps available, but if he isn't missing any practices or games I don't understand how the league can have a problem with it.


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