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    The second article; “Highway Noise Barriers Are a Lie” is interesting. Planting trees normally isn’t considered a good method to reduce traffic noise but in looking at the graph in the article, I think they maybe all that cities have available to reduce any noise entering neighbourhoods. (Open and close your home’s window just a crack and you’ll understand how trees don’t really work very well at all. Sound travels through any available gaps.)

    Controlling Traffic Noise :: City of Edmonton


    “Noise Barriers
    Noise barriers are used along some major roads and highways to lower noise levels for adjacent properties. When positioned correctly, noise walls and berms reflect medium to high frequency sound waves.

    Noise barriers do not eliminate traffic noise. They can reduce noise levels by 5 to 10 dBA, which equals 25 – 50% less noise. While trees and bushes provide a visual barrier from traffic, they are not effective for noise reduction.

    The height, length, material and position of a barrier are customized for each site based on cost, land availability and level of attenuation required.”

    Highway Noise Barriers Are a Lie

    “Highway noise barriers are a pretty common blight on American interstates, there to protect nearby homes and businesses from the motoring sounds of cars and trucks whizzing by. But what if I told you they don’t shield noise all that well, and may even amplify it?

    In theory, noise barriers seem to make sense, since constructing a giant concrete wall between the offending roadway and the property nearby does block some noise just beyond the wall. But acoustics experts say that the problems start after that....”

    “...That shows what you might assume, that the greatest beficiaries of the noise barriers are those that are closest to them. More interesting, Undark found, is that, on top of not decreasing noise the farther you live away, the noise barriers might also amplify sounds in those areas as well. ...”

    “The barriers are largely made of concrete, and cost over... per mile, with some ... For me, though, the most astounding figure in the story is that some walls cost up to... per impacted home. ...

    Why do states keep building the barriers? ...”

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    I think it would still be bearable if it were a constant noise. But instead, every 2-3 minutes you get blasted by some douche with an aftermarket exhaust that made his car/truck/bike as loud as it can possibly be and purposely floors it every chance he has. Desperate attempts at getting attention...

    If cops really cracked down hard on this, it wouldn't be as bad. Instead they did that 1 or 2 time event with the motorcycle sound testing. It obviously did not work and they did not continue to enforce it.

    Ever try to sit outside on Whyte Ave at Hudson's for a meal or drinks? Most of the time you can't hear anyone at your own table talking because of the constant roars of people showing off to the university students... You have a small penis, we get it, now move along somewhere else...


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