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Thread: Jason Kenney and the UCP Performance - first year of power

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    What is the logic behind this? A company receives a tax break, posts high profits, still lays off workers, and this is somehow the NDPs fault? Would love to hear your reasoning.
    So you think they were fine, for 4 years, and just decided to lay people off? I don't, so get off my case.
    So no actual reason, good to know. If you're gonna make an assertion like that, you should have a response better than an overly defensive statement showing you don't really have an answer.

    Husky energy posted positive net earnings of over 700 million per year from 2016-2018 (1.5 billion in 2018!). The only year they had negative profits was 2015, the year the NDP was elected (when oil crashed remember). They continue to post positive net earnings. So my question is, why weren't those 4 years fine? What makes those profits so unmanageable that they would cause layoffs now?
    Aren't you the one with all the answers, work it out?
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    Company makes $1.5B last year, hundreds of millions so far this year, gets a massive tax cut, lays off hundreds of people to maximize their profits & somehow it's the NDPs fault, and we're supposed to work it out?

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